Our Vision

Spark a feeling of awe, action, and support in youth by connecting them with the tech world.

What We Do

YouthComputing is a non-profit organization committed to sparking a feeling of awe, action, and support in youth by connecting them with the tech world. We want to bring emerging technologies to youth and ensure that they feel supported when working in the tech world. We also want to ensure that youth are updated with industry level knowledge and are able to apply their skills outside of a classroom.

Why We Do It

We’re crazy enough to think we can change the world. Crazy because we’re just a bunch of friends trying to solve a problem we used to have. Crazy because we’ve been diagnosed with a love of learning. Crazy because we fit a 100 people in a venue that fits only 50 while keeping all of our events free. The dreamers. The believers. The doers. Join us.


Meet The Team

Current Board of Directors

Dhavni Patel

Dhvani Patel

Co-President & Co-Founder

Dhvani Patel is a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterlo. One of his favourite things to do is coding and he can often be found fixing bugs, programming apps, and exploring new technologies. Dhvani also loves playing games with little kids and the element of surprise, awe and curiosity that they present.

Dhruv Patel

Dhruv Patel

Co-President & Co-Founder

Dhruv Patel is a Mechatronics Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. He loves to play badminton, develop for social innovation, and create various design solutions. Dhruv thrives on his curiosity and willingness to learn and grow in the things he loves to do.

Krish Shah


Krish Shah is a eleventh grade technology enthusiast and environmental steward who is dedicated to implementing entrepreneurship and innovation in his community.

Lokesh Patel

Executive Director

Lokesh Patel is a grade 11 student that likes computer science and is inspired to make an impact our society by brightening the future of the youth in his community.

Heet Shah

Heet Shah

Executive Director

Heet Shah is a grade 11 student who loves to learn new concepts in technology as well as is devoted to promote computer science in his community.

Shreeya Patel

Shreeya Patel

Marketing Director

Shreeya is a dedicated grade 11 student attending Westwood. She’s super artistic and loves using digital technologies to create new designs and drawings. She wants to make an impact on the community through STEM

Saakshi Arvikar

Logistics Director

Saakshi is a grade 11 Westwood student dedicated to both the theatrical arts and STEM. She is passionate about educating and integrating students (especially girls!) into coding and technology.

Nirmit Parikh

Logistics Director

Nirmit is a grade 10 student who is passionate about computer science and hopes to share his passion with youth in the community!

Aditya Ayri

Outreach Director

Aditya is a Grade 12 student that is passionate about STEM fields, innovation, and technological development though the use of Computer Science and Health.

Previous Board Directors

2018 - 2019

Aneri Mavani


Aneri Mavani is a grade 12 student who, after being highly involved in the STEM field, would like to inspire and encourage youth to do the same.

Daksh Patel


Daksh Patel is a grade 12 student with a keen interest in the health services and technology field, while also wanting to promote STEM in his community.

Devshri Lala

Outreach Director

Devshri Lala is a grade 12 student, who aspires to discover ways in which computer science is accessible for all age groups. She continues to promote this in her community through her involvement in STEM related programs.

2016 - 2018

Param Bambhania

Organizational Development Director & Co-Founder

Param Bambhania is a university student who loves computer science, especially networking.

Radha Maradiya

Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Radha Maradiya is a university student who loves playing the piano and meeting new people.

Riya Mangukia

Logistics Director & Co-Founder

Riya Mangukia is a university student who loves art and playing badminton.

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