We promote computer science through our conferences where youth are exposed through hands-on learning.

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We inspire youth to take on youth leadership roles and empower other youth through inspiring talks at our conferences.

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We educate youth through the workshops and competitions which allow youth to learn different skills in STEM.

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Our Programs

All programs are to further emphasize the importance of computer science and STEM education.


STEMpower is a branch of YouthComputing that holds events, conferences, and workshops for youth across Alberta. These include guest speakers, live competitions, exciting prizes, and one-on-one mentoring workshops with others.


YouthComputing aims to help bring out the computing skills and qualities of youth and give them an opportunity to display them. Participating in competitions hosted by YouthCompete enables youth to advance their skill set.


MadeByYouth is another service offered by YouthComputing that allows young computer science enthusiasts to share their projects online and get mentoring and advice from other youth and adults.

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